An actual Hoverboard

An actual Hoverboard

December 18th, 2014 by
Ever since we first saw Marty McFly on a Hoverboard, we have all wanted one, and the technology has finally started to catch up with the films idealistic interpretation of how 2015 would look like.

Greg Henderson, a Bay Area architect and engineer started work on a way to help protect buildings against earthquakes by using electromagnetic fields on a huge scale to raise a building out of harm’s way.

Whilst developing the technology, Greg and his wife realized there could be more applications for their technology, and lets face it, what else could you possibly build with it… yep, the worlds first Hoverboard!

So the Hendo Hoverboard was born. Currently the thing is a beast, weighing in at roughly the same as a small child and will only work on a special, copper floor so you can’t really take it out anywhere, but it’s an important first look into potentially unlimited, real world applications.

The worlds first hover park is also under construction!

Here’s Tony Hawk on a Hendo

The project was funded by kickstarter, raising double their requirement which is amazing and shows just how much the community are behind the project. As for real world applications of the technology, well the Japanese have already been developing similar technology to increase the speed and efficiency of their train system with their own Maglev system (or magnetic levitation), reaching speeds of 500+ Kph (or roughly 310Mph to you and me).