Responsive Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps

A responsive website enables visitors using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones to see a content optimised view of the website page, that is easy to read and easy to navigate via touch screen gestures.

It has been documented that visitors to your website who are using mobile devices will tend to browse the web at quiet moments during the day, such as on their commute to work or in the evening whilst watching TV. The behaviour is almost impulsive which means that mobile internet users are far more likely to make contact or buy a product or service on the spot. You are also far more likely to gain a sale if your website is optimised for mobile.

Having a mobile strategy in place is key to maintaining and increasing your presence on the web. Mobile screen real estate is smaller than a typical desktop computer screen and must be used sparingly and strategically – poor experiences don’t convert customers. A poor user experience on a mobile device will promote a ‘bounce’ or a quick exit, potentially to a competitor website.

Brilliant are a UK web design agency, based in Hertfordshire. We offer responsive mobile websites to suit any business sector. If you already have a website we can build a responsive version that mirrors key content and services, whilst being easily accessible to mobile users. We offer responsive packages for new websites, which means we design and build your website with the flexibility to alter its layout depending on the screen size or the orientation of the mobile device the website is being viewed on.

All responsive content is controlled through our Content Management System (CMS), which means you only have one single source of content and only ever have to change content once.
Does your website require a mobile suitability evaluation?
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Responsive mobile website for SMS Technology
Responsive Mobile Website
for SMS Technology