Graphic User Interface Design

Graphic User Interface Design (GUI) combines design, creativity, readability, usability, visual composition and the whole user journey from entry to intended action.

User Experience (UX)

Key to success is an appreciation for human behaviours and habits while navigating a website. There are many conventions that should be observed, but there are also opportunities to break habits and provide an unconventional or simply different experience that a user can enjoy.

The user interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a human being may interact including display screen, keyboard, mouse, light pen, the appearance of a desktop, illuminated characters, help messages, and how an application program or a Web site invites interaction and responds to it.

A website graphic user interface (GUI) is the content within a web browser window. Briliant is a Hertfordshire based web design agency. It goal is to ensure that the interaction within the browser window is a smooth, self explanatory, efficient and enjoyable transition from the landing page or home page to the intended activity, whether it be a call to action or application, purchase, electronic product or output.

Brilliant start designing the graphic user interface by considering user routes throughout the website which is then represented by wire frame designs and route maps. From here the interface is graphically treated with creative detailing, user friendly route guidance or sign posting and a clear call to action.
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Fundraising Graphical User Interface Design
Fundraising Graphical User Interface Design

Furniture website Graphical User Interface Design
Furniture website Graphical User Interface Design