Email Marketing

Email marketing, in it’s broadest sense is marketing a commercial message to a target group of email recipients, be it an advertisement, promotion or notification, the aim is to prompt new business, sales via an accepting audience. Email marketing can build trust, loyalty and increase your brands awareness.

Direct email marketing allows the reduction of delay in communicating with your customer base or audience and also allows for instant responses at a considerably cheaper cost to other methods of communication.

Modern bulk email deliver systems enable you to track your email marketing campaigns and report on the results. For example; how many recipients received the email? How many recipients opened it and how may clicked a link and which ones. All of this data is vital to design and content of your next email campaign.

Brilliant are a Hertfordshire website design agency, with key skills in email design and layout, email content development, email campaign strategy and campaign deployment.

When combined with our website design and development services, Brilliant are able to utilise your website to acquire a mailing list organically via customer engagement (enquiry’s or purchases via a checkout facility), or by promoting a content proposition that encourages your website visitors to opt-in to receiving your email messages.

In addition, we can also work with your existing contact database via an easy-to-use email delivery system.
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