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high quality catalogue design and production

Product catalogues, mail order catalogues, photographic catalogues, company catalogues’ their common element is a desire to present quality products, services and solutions in an informative, accurate and comprehensive way.

For many of our clients, an added dimension to the physical printed piece is also the need for electronic alternatives or additions to be made available online in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. Properly designed electronic catalogues offer potential customers the ability to download and print your content in a controlled format, ensuring it is delivered the way you would prepare and present it yourself.

Brilliant’s starting point for any catalogue design is to learn about products, business and target market. Only then will we propose a catalogue design and copywriting support tailored to your particular audiences.

Using studio and workflow processes specifically designed with catalogue and brochure projects in mind, we also have access to flexible state-of-the-art digital photographic studios, allowing for highly productive multiple shoots where required, and a Hertfordshire based design studio team of creative directors, designers and art workers with many years of catalogue design experience.
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Retail catalogue design
Retail catalogue design for Grosvenor

Industry catalogue design
Industry catalogue design

Technology catalogue design
Technology catalogue design