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People really are awesome sometimes


Itís Monday morning, Itís cold and wet, so lets start the week off on a good one. This has nothing to do with design, just something awesome.

Dumb ways to Die

Dumb ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is a beautifully animated Melbourne Metro Trains transport safety ad which features colorful characters singing a catchy tune as they set fire to their hair, poke a stick at a grisly bear, get their toast out with a fork or use their private parts for piranha bait.

The video is also designed to demonstrate the danger and stupidity of playing on train platforms, tracks and level crossings by the myriad of other dumb ways to die.

The song is performed by Melbourne artist Tangerine Kitty, the song was produced by Cat Empire keyboards player Ollie McGill.

Along with the song and clip on iTunes and YouTube, Metro Trains are developing posters and announcements at stations and educational material for school students.

Inner Vision

Design Wars, Inner vision

This is an awesome video of artist iNO in action, truly a talented son-of-a with a paint can or two. Beautifully shot by sectiongraphix.

Red Bull BC One 2011 promo

Red Bull battle contest

Red Bull battle contest

Red Bull battle contest

Everyone knows of Red Bulls ability to put on an awesome event from the Soap Box Race to the Air Race but did you know they put on break-dancing battles, nope me either.

Hamburg based agency Sehsucht has put together this amazing animation to promote the event with an incredible style and execution.

Skating, tricks, man in a banana suit and fireworks, all in a tunnel


This is an absolute new favorite of mine, It's beautifully produced, shot in such a way that makes you feel part of the scene and want to grab a skateboard to get involved... not only that, It includes probably the sweetest skate park I have ever seen, awesome costumes and tricks, people stacking it and, oh yeah, fireworks in a tunnel! The guys and girls in Vancouver certainly know how It's done.

Hope for desk toys everywhere


Address is approximate

A beautiful short animation from Tom Jenkins at Theory Films with a very creative use of Google Street View and some of his desk toys... I kind of feel bad for my own desk toys now!

Accompanied by music from the amazing Cinematic Orchestra, I truly feel grateful for my freedom.

Cut Copy music video... now with monkey men!


This is possibly one of the weirdest music videos I have seen since the Apex Twins 'Come to Daddy' video!

It's a wonderful concept, extremely well produced and involves monkey men playing instruments... what more could you ask for.

29 Ways To Stay Creative


This is a nice little video with 29 ways to stay creative.

So if you are ever stuck for ideas or inspiration simply follow the video, cram as many in as you can and your creative block will be lifted!

Everything is a remix

everything is a remix

Brilliant HQ has been a hive of mega busy activity over the last two+ months and I have had no time to browse a single scrap of internet... and this is my excuse for neglecting my blogging duties.

With so much to catch up on and so much cool stuff to be seen and shared, it's tough to decide what to start with.

This series of videos by Kirby Ferguson is called Everything is a Remix which explores copying, sampling, tweaking, thieving and general inspirational homages within the nature of ideas and creativity... fun right!

These short films are extremely informative, nicely created and will probably blow what you thought to be 'an original concept' out the water.

Visit the EVERYTHING IS A REMIX website to see the other parts.

Beautiful Kinetic Typography


I have really started to ?fall in like? with Adobe After Effects, especially because I can easily animate my style effectively with info style illustration and typography. After completing A Brilliant Retrospective I started looking around to see what others are producing and found this gem of an animation... inspiration over load!

The animation focus is on a single woman living in rural Kenya. Now whether this woman exists or not is irrelevant to the story which highlights the struggles of making a living and how a half-acre tree farm can change a woman?s life. Not only informative but a little emotional too.

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