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I was initially attracted to the website by the aesthetics of the design and intrigued by the multitude of cassettes on display.

After a few clicks I realised that is simply a music sharing site dedicated to restoring the love for the old mix tape, Itís about finding music, compiling a tape and sharing with people.

I know there are many other sites that offer the same service as mixbits but by the shear genius of including cassette tapes as a visual medium makes it that much more awesome. It really takes me back to the good old days of recording tunes by holding up a tape deck to the radio and later on, badly mixed rave tapes on my £200 direct drive turntables and mixer with the sticky cross fader. Even the search function for some reason reminds me of flicking through my hefty vinyl collection.

Intelligent information


A nicely-resolved infographic is, to me, as beautiful as an old master is to an art enthusiast. Usually beautifully illustrated and graphically striking, they catch the eye, telling their story concisely and directly. Take this one for example from, which imparts information on the history of marketing through the ages. A simple colour palette and iconographic shapes mean it's easily read (though it is a little busy at times, I will admit), and fun in a way that a wordy feature just isn't.

Go Above

Graffiti by Above

Graffiti guru Above has been one of my top five favorite graffiti artists for the last decade not just because we share a common love of using chunky-ass arrows but the shear vibrancy of his work that has kept me looking out for him. Apart from his signature arrows stencil, the art is full of color and manically controlled backgrounds which almost pay homage to the 80's, plus he paints lots of hot chicks.

He, just like King Robo and Banksy prefers to keep his identity a mystery but he has a
website, a book and even a wikipedia page.

Laura Bifano

The Art of Laura Bifano

Happy new year everyone... so back to work and back on the hunt for more awesome stuffs to inspire, excite and generally distract you from what you are supposed to be doing.

I have found some really talented work by Laura Bifano who takes the focal subject of her paintings and throws a modern twist at it, turning the subject into blocks with almost an over sized, disorienting pixel like effect.

They have a hallucinatory quality to them which I really enjoy plus, it reminds of that Simpsons episode... you know the one where homer eats the mega hot chilly and trips balls.

View more of Lauras fantastic collection here.

Everything is a remix

everything is a remix

Brilliant HQ has been a hive of mega busy activity over the last two+ months and I have had no time to browse a single scrap of internet... and this is my excuse for neglecting my blogging duties.

With so much to catch up on and so much cool stuff to be seen and shared, it's tough to decide what to start with.

This series of videos by Kirby Ferguson is called Everything is a Remix which explores copying, sampling, tweaking, thieving and general inspirational homages within the nature of ideas and creativity... fun right!

These short films are extremely informative, nicely created and will probably blow what you thought to be 'an original concept' out the water.

Visit the EVERYTHING IS A REMIX website to see the other parts.

Dear Blank

Dear Blank

These have been floating around the internet?s design blogs for a while but still worth a share if you have not yet had the pleasure. The idea is simple, sarcastic and I love them.

They are letterpress cards on a wonderful stock which you can purchase here.

My favorite so far, written from the perspective of a Mentos sweet states that Diet Coke is overreacting.

There is also a website dedicated to the Dear Blank series here.

Scribble me this...

Jon Burgerman 404

A couple of months ago I wrote about a chap called Dave Hill who?s work I had recently found on the interwebs. Its been a while so I have decided to showcase another artist that inspires me in one way or another.

This month, is all about illustrator Jon Burgerman, a UK based doodle junkie who?s artwork has been commissioned by some huge names and, I?m pretty sure that if you can think of it, he has drawn on it.

I came across Jons work about 7 or 8 years ago and throughout this time his style has never deviated. Some people may view his work with suspicion but every line, fill and curve within his work is well choreographed and very intentional. Once you delve into the detail and start following the lines through the work you really start to find new shapes and build up the ideas behind it.

A visit to his website would be a worthy use of a few minutes of your time, if just to read about what he gets up to and where in the world he is doodling right now.

The nature of creativity

Algae under a microscope

I paid a visit to the Royal Society?s summer science exhibition "See Further" at the Southbank Centre on Sunday.

It was not only enjoyable, but also truly enlightening.

I?ve always found creative inspiration in nature, just as human kind has since time immemorial. Science helps us to delve deeply into the contrasting constituents of nature: symmetry and asymmetry; simplicity and complexity; order and chaos.

Sometimes taking a step back from contemporary design to consider the world around us yields valuable insights into the nature of creativity.