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Creative Facebook Timeline covers

Seeing how the 'social dictatorship' that is Facebook is forcing its users to switch to the new timeline layout, we decided to bite the bullet and do something about it now. I wont rant on about how unintuitive the customisation options are or how bad the compression is when you upload an image, if you haven't experienced this yet then you're in for a treat.

I wanted to see what others had been doing with their space other than use a poorly cropped image and found a huge amount of blog posts on the subject with a few people changing their cover images weekly... and yet once again, Facebook have to go and spoil the fun with a set of ridiculous rules such as no calls to action or contact information, I'm sure this list will start to expand over time.

80 Creative Facebook cover images.

A life through Facebook


This is a great little film by Mashtart following a guys time as a Facebook user.

Web by color

Icons of the web

COLOURlover of has put together an interesting report on the colors used in the top 100 brands around the world with some very interesting results, take a guess as to the dominant branding color, you may be surprised?

According to Mark Zuckerberg; creator of Facebook, choose blue as the social networks brand color as he is color blind and its the only color he can see clearly. Others have admitted to simply using a primary color for their brand when starting up and had no real focus on design or the repercussions.

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