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Please, not another Christmas album...

Very Christmassy Mixtapes

We haven't had to many Christmas tunes playing in the studio this year, I think we are all a little sick of them to be honest, but it's not really Christmas without a them is it. If you're kind of feeling the same, why not check out these alternative Christmas mixes to get you in the spirit for the big day!

Benji Boko's - A very Christmassy remix mixtape

Marc Hype - The worlds second greatest Christmas tape

Enjoy :)


Posted by kkuaxg  |  Posted on June 16th 2012, 15:25:16
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Posted by motklj  |  Posted on June 16th 2012, 00:58:48
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Posted by qqohou  |  Posted on June 15th 2012, 03:19:32
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Posted by Meme  |  Posted on June 14th 2012, 15:58:59
Hi Boys .and AnneVery much looking fowrrad to having you down here at Bordertown. Given a half decent evening weather wise this show will pull a hell of a crowd.We have a nice PA set up and an operator who,while he (Mick) is a bit of a different cat , he eats and breathes PAís (probably needs to get out more)Donít know how much of a sound check you need i think the Sambucas are doing theirs at about 3 pm. Anything you need just drop me a line, Iíll make sure you are fed and watered and that the local farmers daughters are made aware of your rock star ways!!!See you then Bob.
Posted by zwpddyewwof  |  Posted on March 13th 2012, 07:26:26
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