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Forget the Empire. The Dog Strikes Back. Or at least it does this weekend?


Well, whad'ya know, the new Volkswagen 2012 Super Bowl XLVI TV commercial has been released early, and unexpectedly builds on the canine theme featured in 'The Bark Side' teaser spot. 'The Dog Strikes Back' features an overweight pooch called Bolt, who undertakes lots of doggy exercises to get fit so that he can chase the German company's new Beetle. That's all very cute, but where does the Star Wars link make itself known? We won't spoil it here, but there is a galaxy far far away-tinged ending, keeping the running theme from last year's 'The Force' film. An edited 60-second version of VW's 76-second clip will air during the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday 5 February, along with high-budget car ads from Acura and Honda.


Posted by izwzfaoild  |  Posted on June 17th 2012, 05:16:24
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Posted by stazyle  |  Posted on June 15th 2012, 20:25:51
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Posted by Carlos  |  Posted on June 15th 2012, 00:50:50
Acura led the Japanese luxury race in the early 90ís with the incioc Legend Sedan & Coupe...what a fall down a slippery slope...they have never recovered. They had the perfect recipe - Legend, Integra & NSX now the line-up is full of oversized rebadged Hondaís (yes, I know the ownership). I donít hold out hope for the revised RL however I will hold my breath for the upcoming NSX for nostalgic stake - my youth favorite.
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