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Big brands score with 2012 Super Bowl XLVI TV ads


The annual Super Bowl game is often the most-watched TV programme in the US, and so naturally has become something of an advertising hotspot, as big brands fight to promote their wares to hundreds of millions of viewers (Apple's '1984' launch ad for example was aired during the 1984 Super Bowl). As in previous years, car adverts made up the bulk of the one and two-minute commercials, but beer, soft drinks, sportswear and technology products also featured.

With slots costing around $3.5m for 30 seconds, many companies pulled out all the stops to make use of their big budget. Below are three which play the nostalgia card to tempt viewers to part with their money. Head over to the Creative Review and Branding Magazine websites to see full round-ups of commercials from the 2012 XLVI event.

Insurance company MetLife brought together famous cartoon characters from the past, including He-Man, Mr Magoo, and the casts of Scooby Doo and Charlie Brown.

Electronics giant Samsung resurrected 2000s glam-rock group The Darkness, using frontman Justin Hawkins to lure prospective Apple buyers to sample its products.

Honda brought Ferris Bueller's Day Off back, casting original star Matthew Broderick, and inserted over a dozen references to the cult-1980s film.


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