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Good guys print Robohands for children

When new technologies and methods arise, we are usually bombarded with over the top, apocalyptic warnings of how bad people will do bad things if they get the means and opportunity.

This is a story about a guy (Richard) who had an accident and lost some fingers so sought help from a special effects puppeteer (Liam). Together they built Richards fingers and along the way used 3d printing to help children born without digits.

Not only have they changed children’s lives and given them abilities they never thought they would have, but they put the plans up online for anyone to download and print for free.

Office Turntable


The people at Kontor Records were not happy with the lack of responses they were receiving from their promos so they hatched an ingenious plan to improve the percentage for their newest track by Boris Dlougosch.

Check out the video and then tell me you don’t want one!

To this day project


To This Day is a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan, a Canadian author and poet exploring the impact that bullying can have on children.

A selection of animators were invited to take part and given a 20 second slot to illustrate. Learn more about

The Walking Dead posters

walking dead season 1 poster

walking dead season 2 posters

walking dead season 3 posters

If you watch The Walking Dead then you will appreciate these posters by Michael Rogers, although a little similar to the style of Olly Moss and his star wars trilogy posters, they are still very cool.

8-Bit promos


These awesome promos have been created by OPTIMUS DESIGN for Emporium Arcade Bar, a bar where people can have a few drinks and play on all the classic arcade machines.

Know Where You Stand

Seth Taras - Know where you stand - Hitler on a tour of Paris

Seth Taras - Know where you stand - The Berlin wall

Seth Taras - Know where you stand - The Hindenburg disaster

Seth Taras - Know where you stand - Soldiers taking the beach at Normandy

Seth Tara’s has been commissioned for a new campaign by the History channel, entitled "Know where you stand" where he fuses iconic imagery from the past with modern shots of the location as it stands today. I love this sort of stuff, I just wish he created more!

Dirty Toys


This stop motion by Karim Rejeb is absolutely amazing!

As a big fan of the Nitro Circus I couldn’t help but chuckle my way through this. He uses Playmobil toys to capture some awesome tricks and stunts... this is how it looked in my mind when i was a kid.

Future Bristol


Future Bristol is a website which seeks to engage the public on their opinions of Bristol becoming a ’Low Carbon City’ in an interactive way, delivering information though amazing illustration.

Lego Airport


How cool is this!

Legoland Discovery Centre in Berlin has recreated a miniature version of the BER (Berlin) airport built from 100,000 Lego bricks. The model which took six months to build, was presented at a press conference.

Granted, it would be more impressive if it was to scale :)

Verbal Abuse Campaign by Y&R

Verbal Abuse Campaign by Y&R Dubai

Verbal Abuse Campaign by Y&R Dubai

Verbal Abuse Campaign by Y&R Dubai

Dubai based agency Y&R have created a campaign with KAFA to highlight the effects of verbal abuse, entitled ’Words Hurt’.

Using visual wave forms of abusive words as ever lasting scars left by verbal abuse, is not only clever but emotionally effective to the viewer. The strap line ’don’t suffer in silence’ is also pretty genius.

Back when I was at Secondary school, my closest friend turned to me one day in Science class and said, "I’m going to call you a name... and It’s going to really hurt you", I laughed with intrigue and told him to come at me with the best he could think of, he leaned closer and in a calm voice said, "you’re a dummy"...

I laughed it off until I saw how serious he looked, and without a word, turned his back and left me in silence for about ten minutes. He had thrown the silliest word he could think of at me and yet as I sat there alone, I started wondering if he was actually being serious, was i a dummy?

Considering we used to sit there stabbing each other with compases, what he had said was actually quite hurtful.

It turned out his older brother had done the same thing to him the night before, but it goes to show that it’s not all down to the words them selves but the emotion and intent at which they are delivered and more importantly by who.
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